Thursday, November 22, 2007

Signal-less recap, Part two

I have to say, eating breakfast on your deck as the waves break against your shore is nice. We got in a beautiful day of weather and fun before the storms came tonight, too. Exactly what we needed after yesterday's driving. We were all quite tired and snappy last night, especially me.

-- Finding an awesome little Mexican restaurant that had great food and exceptional service for lunch. Irony alert: we ate seafood in Houston, TX and Mexican in Gulf Shores, AL.
-- Putt-putt golf -- that's a first for all seven of us. I wish I had a video of Leah doing this broom sweep move each time. Delaney would do the same thing if her ball was in danger of rolling backward, then hit it in with about 14 strokes, then yell back "write down 4 for me, mom!" However, she did legitametly win the hole-in-one contest by getting two of them in an 18-hole course.
-- Exploring the full beach experience on the Gulf. We loved to watch how each of their personalities came out on the beach: Levi (who said he wouldn't like the beach) waded and waded waiting for "an even bigger wave!" to hit, then would suddenly take off running trying get closer to a seagull; Delaney immediately started collecting seashells and cried when too much sand got inside her capris; Jesse found a stick and wrote his name in the sand, then would grin from ear to ear when the waves would wash it away, then would write it again; Sara ploppled right down and started burying herself in the sand; Leah flitted from activity to activity and magically appeared to not be wet or sandy when it was time to clean off. She is a mystery.

Quote of the day: "Drink all of your milk, kids. Came from premium cows." -- Eric, commenting on the $4.09 we paid for the gallon of milk at Winn-Dixie grocery.

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