Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Perfect Storm

Morning to all. Please take part in my little poll in the sidebar, which is completely random and has nothing to do with my day today. At all. Don't believe me? Just ask my childr-- oh, wait, they're busy right now cleaning under their beds.

So yes, today is the big day -- we are heading toward warmers parts of the country. In what is a perfect coincidence, the first snow of the season just started coming down! For some, this reprieve might mean excitement about leaving behind snow-covered roads or extra blankets. For us, it means we get another week's break from hours spent forcing 50 fingers into the correct finger-holes in winter gloves. This is no small thing.


Lee said...

Way to go Eric and Heather, Good luck! We woke up to our first 32 degree morning today; the bike ride to Tobias' school was a real waker-upper. :) Enjoy that car and warmer climate. Look forward to hearing your adventure progress.
lee from Amsterdam

Heather with the Weather's Field Correspondent said...

Weather report from the south.

Friday Low 54 high 72
Sat Low 58 high 78
Sunday Low 55 high 75