Friday, November 16, 2007

Mission (#1) accomplished

A little obligatory sightseeing (Oklahoma)...

Their first-ever Lonestar State picnic:
And 19 hours after leaving home, we're thankful to be at the hotel, stretched out flat on our beds (no pictures provided).


ashley mccoskey said...

looks like you made it!!
hope your all having fun..
miss you.. see you soon!!

Sister said...

I saw it myself. They made it. =)

naomi said...

Hi to ya all!!!

Hope you have a great trip!! Is Karyn fixing turkey for you??

That car motion sickness -- I remember Kenneth having it -- does your mom have it also??

take care,

A. naomi

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! Have fun we are praying for you!!!


Kati Stephens said...

What beautiful children!! Am enjoying watching your adventure from the comfort of my computer chair!! Love and Prayers!!