Sunday, November 30, 2008

As long as we have our priorities straight...

Scene: Kitchen table, early morning, Levi is cleaning up, Sara is finishing eating. I (Mom) have just banged out a little morning "wake-up" rhythym for fun on the drum set.

Levi: Mom! I didn't know you could play the drums like that. You play the drums better than you play the piano.

Mom: Ha!

Levi: Really, mom. You should be in a rock band.

Long pause while Eric and I chuckle.

Sara (who had been listening intently but never looked up from her CEREAL): You'd still have to make breakfast, mom.

There's no one like her

Happy Birthday Mom/Grandma!

Monday, November 24, 2008

We're a vegetable-free (twilight) zone

As seems to keep occuring, today is a birthday day in our household. Much to our chagrin, someone has had the gall to turn NINE around here, and thus, participate in the Choosing of the Menu. He has had the most practice at this, and knows that since he will not be getting most of these foods the other 364 days of the year, he'd better stock up now. So he stocked up, and we have all had sugar/carb rushes and subsequent crashes today that have left us pretty much lifeless (and just in time for Thanksgiving!).

Breakfast: doughnuts and sausage, OJ
Lunch: hot dogs, Cool Ranch doritoes, tater tots
Supper: Pizza, Cherry Delight, ice cream

Add to this that we ate a Thanksgiving meal with our church group last night, where the kids snuck cups of Coca-cola and we don't know how many cookies, and you can imagine how we feel tonight!

When he first made out his menu and showed it to me, I had to at least ask, "don't you want any vegetables?" He added pickles to his supper list. We were so stuffed by supper though, that we forgot all about the "vegetable."

We do love our newly-nine-year-old and are so thankful for him, carb-lover and all. : ) Happy Birthday Levi!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just keeping you informed...

Since the corn is down around our house, the mice have come a'runnin. Into our home. To be warm, presumably, although then why aren't they camping out in Eric's office where it's warm and toasty from the corn boiler instead of in my pantry and kitchen? Oh, yeah -- the food.

Tally so far: they've eaten on two bags of chocolate chips, one loaf of bread, and a bag of quick oats. I haven't lost any more household items to their destruction because we haven't been able to destroy any (yet!). Eric devised a brand-new capture-and-kill system (built a better mousetrap : ), which the mice are apparently discussing (in my pantry), and then sharing the news with their friends. I'm sure they'll be lured in soon. In the meantime, we just went and bought 8 new old-fashioned mousetraps, set one, and watched the kitchen mouse run past it in a nice arc.

I promise to move on to fun kid posts with cute pictures in the near future. Maybe. : )