Thursday, November 13, 2008

Just keeping you informed...

Since the corn is down around our house, the mice have come a'runnin. Into our home. To be warm, presumably, although then why aren't they camping out in Eric's office where it's warm and toasty from the corn boiler instead of in my pantry and kitchen? Oh, yeah -- the food.

Tally so far: they've eaten on two bags of chocolate chips, one loaf of bread, and a bag of quick oats. I haven't lost any more household items to their destruction because we haven't been able to destroy any (yet!). Eric devised a brand-new capture-and-kill system (built a better mousetrap : ), which the mice are apparently discussing (in my pantry), and then sharing the news with their friends. I'm sure they'll be lured in soon. In the meantime, we just went and bought 8 new old-fashioned mousetraps, set one, and watched the kitchen mouse run past it in a nice arc.

I promise to move on to fun kid posts with cute pictures in the near future. Maybe. : )


kati said...

Sharing in your frustration: What is sure to jolt one awake while standing in the kitchen at 5 in the morning?

A grey flash scurrying under one's refrigerator.

Our mouse (I'm hoping not "mice") is apparently not fooled either by the traps. Or maybe is not a fan of peanut butter? At any rate, the little bugger is still on the loose in my kitchen.

Bolina Stretta said...

Ah, the famous mouse hunt, I remember it well for i did it myself, until I decided to stop feeding our outdoor cat. No more mice, and a fat cat were the results.

Wanna see "fun" ? Imagine a mouse coming up from BEHIND the stove, WHILE dinner is cooking. That was quite in-house entertainment.

There are still tomatoes stains on the kitchen ceiling. At least I think that's tomato... Great blog !

Diana said...

At least you have smart mice - I mean what better way to discuss the newest traps than while you are munching on CHOCOLATE chips??!! :) I'm sorry - I do feel your pain, really I do. We also enjoy (??) this time of year where we share our plentiful food with the mice of the fields.