Monday, July 21, 2008

You are not hallucinating

Look carefully, all ye people. Especially all ye former college roomates. Especially the Vet and the Ohio attorney. What is it you see?

Yes. It is. He's ours.

Here's the stats, for those who care about such things:

Black lab, 13 weeks old, found him through Craig's list from a family who does animal rescue (his parents were rescued by this family). So far, kids are still 3-2 in favor of him, although Sara shows heavy signs of bumping it to 4-1 soon. Leah is generally determined to live indoors for the rest of her natural life. Because, of course, he is and always will be an OUTSIDE dog. : )

They have named him Prince (after Eric's childhood dog).

P.S. If you look carefully, you can see the feet of the child standing on the chair next to Prince. There is no doubt who their mother is.


Sister said...

Awww! Yeah! I can't wait to come meet him! Yipee!!!

kati said...

I can't believe you finally bit the bullet!

I know Leah will warm up in time. I'm glad Sara is making so much progress.