Thursday, July 31, 2008

July Catch-Up

A lot can happen in 10 days, right? I mean, everyone is always telling us how we have five children and, my, my, how they must keep us busy. Well, July has proven them true.

First the sad news: the puppy only lasted six days. (Don't look at me! I was being supportive!) He apparently worked himself up enough one night and jumped the four-foot fence that seemed secure. He then, of course, headed where all animals seem to head around here, right for US 40, where he was struck and killed. The boys were pretty upset, especially Levi. I may not shed tears over animals, but I do shed tears over my children shedding tears.

Our obligatory fair-trip went well....highlights were how well our new red wagon worked out (does that count as a fair highlight?)...Sara's 2nd-place tractor pull finish (is there any money in professional kiddie-tractor-pulling?)...Leah enjoying the Ferris wheel for the first time. Here's a fun-loving boy at the top of a well-loved ride:

If it's fair time, it must be birthday time. Delaney gets a birthday well-spaced from the others, right smack in the middle of summer. Turning seven around here means you can invite a few friends to join in the celebration (Delaney's in the middle).

Last but not least, football practice has officially started. And to think, it only took 8 1/2 years!

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