Thursday, July 17, 2008

Musical Discernment, 101

We were in the van yesterday on a visit to family; one hour there, one hour back. We listened to a Christian music station most of the way. On the way home...

Levi: Mom! We heard that song. I think that's the same song we heard this morning.

Me: You're is.

(A few minutes later)

Delaney: Mom! This song, too. We already heard this song.

Me: You're right...we heard that one earlier, too.

Delaney (after a few more that sounded awfully familiar): Mom, I think these radio stations play the same songs over and over.

Me: I think you're right, girl.

Delaney: Let's find something that sounds more mysterious.

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Grafted Branch@Restoring the Years said...

Oh yes! My husband and I were in radio, and were just the other day explaining to our radio-less children that the most popular songs of the day usually have a 90 minute rotation schedule!