Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fingerpainting Fun

Aren't I just the fun mom? Seriously, you can tell we don't do this often (enough). Best moment of the day: we had extra pillowcases that I had been meaning to make some into paint smocks. So I showed Levi and Delaney how to cut the holes in one, and told them they were going to cut the rest to fit each other and their siblings. Levi didn't miss a beat -- "certain Doom!" (OK, you had to be there. I'm still laughing.)

Anyway, enjoy the pics. Delaney's finished product is the last pic...she named it "Mind Control". I'm not kidding. Not hard to tell who their science-fiction-reading-story-telling-father is, is it?


Kati said...

"Certain doom"? "Mind control"?

What are you teaching these kids, Heather? :)

Diana said...

"Mind Control" fits that painting well! :) I might have even named it that just looking at it! What a great mom you are!

Heather said...

This is good, ladies. See, your comments cancel each other out. Keep me humble. : )