Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Well then...

Here's how today has started:
-- Eric was rear-ended this morning and got stuck in a traffic jam. (He's fine, no damage to van)
-- We checked the propane tank and it's already almost empty. Maybe we should just make a fire with the cash for heat instead. And I'm cold!
-- The truck battery was dead, dead, dead when the kids and I went to leave for homeschool choir today.

My temptation here is to give in to complete and utter sarcasm (Happy Inauguration Day!).

But you know what? By only the grace of the One True God and the example of my awesome husband, this is how today ends up:
-- Lacking the luxury now of going in the house and getting my husband to come start the truck, I called our dear neighbor for help and, while we were waiting for his boost to work, reconnected with some good conversation. And we made it to choir.
-- I am truly thankful for a house to heat, propane and corn to burn, many socks and sweatshirts to layer, and kids to snuggle with. My feet will thaw eventually.
-- At supper, Eric asked Jesse to get seven of his matchbox cars and recreated the car accident on the kitchen table while they ate, explaining to 5 engrossed children exactly how it happened. There were too many things in that moment to be thankful for to even list here.


Kati said...

What a good read!! God's people choosing THANKFULNESS instead of bitterness!!

Krista said...

Wow, Heather, you don't know how much I needed these words ! It has been a tough week here, and bitterness was settling in my heart. Thanks for directing me back to the One and only.

Diana said...

Boy - Eric has sure been introduced to the "drive to work" in a big way hasn't he? So great that you can count your blessings - helpful reminder to all of us!!