Monday, January 12, 2009

The End of an Era

Does that sound overly dramatic? That's because today feels kind of dramatic around here. Today, instead of heading through the kitchen door to his office, Eric headed to Cincinnati to his new job (if you want details on the job, email him!). While we are sad to let go of Eric's business -- what a treasure of memories we have from these past 4 years! -- it's been great to see how God has brought this new opportunity about, and we're thankful for it.

Telling the kids has been interesting. We introduced the idea slowly, over Christmas, then again this weekend, asking if they had questions. They were really getting the idea last night when they knew Daddy would already be gone in the morning when they got up. I guess I have been really trying to explain what was going to happen to them; I think I wanted them to grasp how good they have had it the past few years -- the freedom that comes with self-employment. So, I may have overdone it a little. Jesse, throughout the day, would say something like, "How many days until Dad comes home?" Or, "We won't see Dad soon!"

Eric did get home later than we expected*, and as he joined us at the supper table, the kids were in full-blown drama. "Dad! Dad! It's so good to see you!" Sara had the winner: "I didn't even remember what you looked like, dad."

*On the way home, he missed a turn in one of the towns he is cutting through in an attempt to shave some minutes off his commute. On an unfamiliar side street, in the dark, the street suddenly turned into a one-way, and he was going the wrong way. He said he went about 50 yards, realized it, then turned around in a parking lot and went back. A city cop pulled him over immediately, and had only this to say to Eric's apology and explanation: "It's very dangerous what you did!" OK, fine -- something to remember his first day of commuting by. But do you know what the ticket fine is in this apparently-starving-for-cash-municipality? $331!! For going the wrong way on a one-way. Are you kidding me??


Kati said...

Wow! What a huge life-change!! I can see how it would seem, to the younger ones, like dad was going far, far away. They probably only have memories of him being home most of the time--this will be quite a change!

Sorry for the (OUCH) expensive rude-awakening to the working commute. Tell Eric those "one-way" signs are there for a reason! :) :)

Love to you all!

sister said...

That's even worse than the Texans' tickets. Yikes!