Monday, December 29, 2008

Hmmm...what day is it?

I'm definitely in that zone where we've been gone so long and I don't know quite where I am or what day it is. Monday? Really? It doesn't feel remotely like a Monday. I feel a strange pull to stand at my own kitchen sink and do dishes. Then I would feel centered. Ha!

It did start to feel kind of Monday-ish, however, last night when after the Norton Christmas celebration was over, Delaney started to feel bad and threw up a few times through the night. Then it hit Jesse today so I spent most of the day reading my book while keeping an eye on him. It was the "over-quick" variety, so it hasn't actually been too horrible (except, I'm sure, for our hosts who have to put up with our children who seem to throw up every single Christmas while they're here). Just a reminder that we are back in reality. It really did seem like all illnesses and colds and troubles were suspended while we were in Florida. Do families who live in Florida get stomach viruses in December?

Anyway, we and our germs will be heading home tomorrow. Only one more packing and unpacking to go!


Kati said...

It wouldn't be Christmas without vomit, would it?

Gabe had it this year on both Thanksgiving AND Christmas! Happy Holidays, huh? Thankfully, the "over-quick" variety you described.

blc said...

Heather - you are so inspiring! I love this blog and have bookmarked it in hopes to come back often. I love to hear how you are really "living" your life everyday to it's fullest! Thank you for spreading your joy!