Monday, September 8, 2008

Team Norton, first round

Name: Delaney
Sport: Soccer
Team: Sound Solutions (otherwise known as "red and blue")
Results: games, 1 win, 1 loss, but more importantly, scrimmaged the boys and won 3-0

Name: Sara and Jesse
Sport: Soccer
Team: Covenant Engineering (don't you think he'll pick up a lot of engineering work from that advertising?)
Results: won first game 9-1; Sara scored 3, Jesse scored 3 -- are they twins or what?

Name: Levi
Sport: Football
Team: National Trail Blazers
Results: won first game against Twin Valley South 19-6; he played running back on offense and various backfield on defense; once again got the wind knocked out of him when he and his friend Jacob ran the double reverse fake where Jacob ends up with the ball while the entire defense thinks Levi has it; Mom is starting not to like that play!

Name: Leah
Sport: Bag-packing
Team: It's all me
Results: Successfully thrived through a week with 2 games, 2 scrimmages, and 4 practices; Consumed untold amounts of twizzlers, fruit snacks, raisins, goldfish crackers and water; Never got left behind at any ball field!


kati said...

Okay, so I don't have to ask what you've been up to lately! Thanks for the update!

naomi said...

Great....Team Members!!!!


Diana said...

Never under estimate the importance of the sport of bag packing!! It is a rough job. And to be doing ALL that AND not getting left at any ball park. Amazing!! :) Thanks for the smiles Heather!!