Monday, August 25, 2008

August Quotables

Set-up #1: All five children are in the kitchen near the sink. Daddy's setting them up to wash the van outside, and the sponges are under the kitchen sink. He has just teased them all by telling them to get the sponges and be sure to catch the mouse when it runs out, too (we've been trying to catch a mouse this week), while he went to change his clothes. No one wants to be the first to open the door. I overhear this from the next room:

Delaney: Mom says boys have to protect girls.
Levi: You need to do it for practice in case the boys are not there.
Delaney: You are there.
(Long Pause)
Jesse: Yeah, but Mom says boys should let girls go first.

Set-up #2: I am driving Levi to his football practice just down the road. Jesse is with us. For some reason (past experience with Dad?), he feels the need for speed when we pull out onto the road.

Jesse: Mom! Go fast!
Levi: No, she won't. Mom doesn't take risks.

My transparency is a bit alarming.


sister said...


And I like the new layout!

Anonymous said...

I love checking out your blog and finding some sweet little something there to make me chuckle. Your family is precious!

Sarah in Alabama :)