Monday, June 30, 2008

The telephone game, our version

You may note, that I am getting this post in just under the wire before the date will turn to July, thereby accomplishing a grand total of TWO posts in June. I am sorry to have disappointed you, my adoring audience, but I have actually been busy writing other things this month (newsletters, VBS lessons) and have exited my computer chair as soon as possible each night. I make no promises about July. I also, for the record, have no idea why my paragraph breaks aren't working on this post.

Eric and I just returned yesterday from a little "get-away" trip to the Ohio homeschool convention, thanks to my dear parents who willingly cared for the kiddos.

Next we headed to the hills! We scoped out some good camping spots and trails, and hiked other trails that the kids won't handle for another few years.We had a great time, getting to drive, sight see, eat and just talk. The strangest feeling comes when we both go in together at the gas station convenience store and pick out our own drinks. We never get to do that, ever.
The nicest part of getting away by ourselves, of course, is the time it allows us to talk about life-things in-depth. Plans and questions and discussions that we really can't have at home can go on for hours without interruption. We enjoy this so much that we have a hard time coming out of that mode, even after we have retrieved the children (this is leading into my post title, by the way -- I had you lost, didn't I?). We need to re-train ourselves quickly, because while we aren't wearied anymore by endless diapering or toddler-chasing, the conversation round-robin around here can nearly kill you. I'll leave you with just one example from today.
Parents' discussion: the unlikelihood of travelling anywhere for 4th of July
Kid 1: "did you say Nanny's? When are we going to Nanny's?"
Kid 2, to Kid 1: "What day are we going to Nanny's?"
Kid 3, to Kid 4: "We're going to Nanny's TODAY!"
Kid 5: "I've got my backpack ready! Can I sit in the middle?"

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Diana said...

Hi Heather. We have just Kid #1 and Kid #2 - but the conversation can get just that twisted, just that fast! :)
Hope you are recovering from VBS!