Thursday, June 12, 2008

Is that in your Bible?

So we're back in the routine of our regular devotions, now that we wrapped up our homeschooling year's study of Matthew. Each night -- generally -- Eric reads a short passage from the Bible and then the kids draw what they heard and remember from the passage on their own little white boards. Then each one gets to show his/her picture and explain it. They get pretty intense on these pictures! It's great to hear each of their descriptions, but Leah has been taking the cake lately:

After a passage on people getting baptized: "...and this is Jesus, and he can't see down in the rivah (river), and see the baptized, because he can't see with his eyes, because I didn't give him any eyes, because my marker was too big."

After a passage on Jesus healing and casting out demons, which is irrelevant because she was still stuck on the baptisms: "...and these are four little girls, and they're going to be baptized in the tomato juice." (she had used the red marker that night)

For your bonus, here's a recent pic of her with her sisters:

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