Thursday, May 16, 2013

Full Circle

Just think: last year, no Suburban, no boat. Looking for a welder, got a great deal on a boat (and trailer!). Sold the van, bought the Suburban. You never know what next year will look like. 

Eric had to make the "maiden voyage" at one of the lakes he frequented growing up - Elk Creek Lake in Washington County, IN. It's an absolutely beautiful area and one of our favorite places to hike and relax. 

Boys out first. Captain Ahab and his crew? I must note here that when we were leaving, Eric was checking to make sure we had everything and couldn't find some items. Levi said, "Oh, everything was kind of a mess so I organized it all into the boat compartments." Ha! His mother's son. 


The girls enjoyed their time waiting, finding lots of tadpoles and other interesting creatures. Science class on Saturday, baby. 

Girls' turn! Eric said the fish may have been scared off by the continual "sonic booms" in the boat as Leah shifted and turned. Unfortunately, no fish supper for us, but a great afternoon and a fun new experience. 

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Kelly said...

Sweet~ That looks so peaceful!! Love the organizing:)