Thursday, December 9, 2010

New Kid in Town

D: I'm going to grow out my hair really long and then donate it for wigs.
Me: Great!


D: How long is it now? Is it long enough to cut the ponytail?
Me: Nope

More waiting...

Me: I think it's long enough now! Do you want to wait until soccer is done and then cut it?

D: Yep.

Waiting...waiting......WAITING...for the team to lose : )
Me: Hair appointment next week!
D: What?!? I don't know. Should I? Yes, I'm ready. No, wait, maybe I won't. I don't have to, right?
Me: Right - your decision.
D (this morning): I'm ready, let's go!
And she did it! Proud of her and her attitude about the whole thing. Interestingly, she knew exactly what kind of hairstyle she wanted and she was looks great on her.

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Anonymous said...

Our beautiful Delaney!! Love you, Grandma