Friday, November 5, 2010

Where's my heart?

Better late than never...getting down notes on idols from my "get-away" conference in Sept...convicting!

"We make something an idol when we inflate it and ask it to be God-like"


- If I can't have it, am I still content?
- What do you organize your life around?
- What do you want or crave or wish over?
- What are you willing to sacrifice a large amount of time or money to obtain?
- What do you fear losing?
- What do you rejoice over?
- What makes you angry or frustrated?
- How do you define sucess or failure?
- Where do you go for comfort or safety?

Then, identify, confess, and repent; you have to replace the idol with God.

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Kati said...

If I may recommend a good read on the subject, Counterfeit Gods by Tim Keller. Studied this summer and was BROKEN.

GOOD to see that smiling, familiar face of yours in the hallway in September. :)