Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Birthday Ritual

No, not the pick-your-menu thing! Although we still certainly do that. We like to spend some time sharing with the birthday person (or persons, in this case) what we enjoy about them...what we're thankful for in regards to them. Thought I would share some of the comments:

About Jesse:
"I love being his twin"
"He's nice"
"He puts others before himself"
"He taught me a lesson...I was being mean to him and he was nice right back at me"
"He's very brave"

About Sara:
"I'm glad she was there with me when I was born"
"She's my best sister and I love her"
"She gets us going in the morning and has a lot of 'pow!' energy"
"She's a very hard worker in her school work and house work"
"She's loving and really cares about other people"
"I love to play with her"

Happy 7th Birthday twins!!


Kati said...


I can't believe how Jesse is changing his looks. Sara still looks like Sara, just older! :)

Happy birthday!

K said...

For Jesse: He is very kind to everyone and is so much fun to be around.

For Sara: She is a GREAT dancer, and probably the fastest runner in the whole family. She also makes great lego houses. =)

For photomom: great picture!

Anonymous said...

Very late with my comment....but we love our sweet twins very much!

G & G