Friday, October 30, 2009

On a warm fall day... might head to the arboretum to view the beautiful colors and try to improve your tree identification.

 might take your walking sticks but use them as anything but, especially when posing in front of mom's favorite tree.

 might need a close-up to see the name of the tree.

 might be inspired by big brother to see if you can make no noise while walking through the trees.

 might get a little silly in all the fresh air.

...and you just might end up being thankful you took the time and went.


K said...

cute!!!! i can't wait to send you the "Camel Walk" video...

Lainie said...

Heather I don't know if you followed the comments on my post but my friend said she would be happy to make you a hat. Her name is Andrea and she is at

Thanks for stopping by!