Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ya' gotta be quick

Me: washing dishes. Levi: just in from a basketball game with Eric.

Levi: ...really wasn't much of a game. He led the whole way and was ahead by about 20 at one point and we couldn't catch up. He kept making these shots and...

Me: (now sweeping the kitchen floor) Mmmm....uh-huh. Really...

Levi: Mom, did you ever like anyone before Dad?

Me: Uhhh....ummm...there was someone I thought was interesting, but I never liked anyone like I do Daddy.

Levi: Mom?

Me: (anticipating another momentous question) yes?

Levi: Did you know that in the final, like, 2 minutes I made 4 three-point shots? No, seriously, I did. So we got to within about 12, but then it was over.

Me: That's great.


K said...

Love it.

Anonymous said...

11 pm.....Sunday....just reading the blog....Levi asks great questions!

Diana said...

Heather - this one tickled me because I have a son who I get to have no major life talks, but just snatches - and at the most unusual times, but hey - you always have to be prepared!! :) Great job at entertaining us and reminding us to enjoy the small moments with our children!