Tuesday, March 3, 2009

...and that's what little girls are made of

"Is it time to make my cake now? Right now!? I'll wash my hands...can I get my thing on, you know, my Leah thing? Oh yeah, my apron! Do I pour like this? How many eggs?!! Four? But I'm going to be five, mommy! We should do five eggs! The mixer is loud...yes, I'll hold it very carefully."

"That's a LOT of chocolate, isn't it, and chocolate chips. It's hard to stir!"

"I scraped all I could, mom. Is it ready now? Oh, right, we have to cook it!"

"Guys, come on, come on! It's finally time to ice my cake!"

"I'll be verrry careful licking the knife, mom."

"Happy Birthday to Leah, happy birthday to you."


Kati said...

Did you ever think you'd make it 5 years in a row without getting pregnant again? hehe

Happy Birthday, Leah!!

Heather said...

Five years seemed forever. Five months seemed like an impossibility, too. ; )

Karyn said...

i love this post. great storytelling with pictures. =)

I'm sure having 4 siblings over two makes cake/icing "rights" even more special.

Kelly said...

What a wonderful Picture story...You are good Heather!!!! How do you even remember where the camera is?!?!?!