Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Life on this road

As many of you know, we do not live on a quiet, secluded road. At all. I could write a whole book about things that have happened just because we live on this road.

One of these things happened again this afternoon. Many, many semi-trucks go past every day, a fact we may get used to in about 30 years -- maybe. Many of them apparently like to talk on their CB's while driving, and snippets of their conversations get picked up and broadcast through various electronic devices in our home -- usually the baby monitor.

Today, the perfect storm arrived: one talktative trucker spouting very non-uplifting words, one baby monitor, two computer speakers, one television playing a children's video. The five-second spurt of vulgarity came through astoudingly loud and clear. Let's just say it did not go unnoticed. Levi shouts from the living room: "Mom! Something just came through the TV, and it wasn't winnie-the-pooh!"

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